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“Robert is an extremely creative and visionary marketer. He does the legwork necessary to clearly understand the market he’s reaching. I’ve seen him create fabulous marketing campaigns for million-dollar product lines and do every aspect of the campaign with excellence. Robert is also very enjoyable to work with. He works well with everyone on the team but he also drives himself individually on projects that others would see as impossible or overwhelming. I’ve seen Robert accomplish more in a short amount of time than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. I would highly recommend Robert for any position that requires integrity, creativity, skill, and leadership.”

Christine Yount-Jones, Children’s Ministry Champion, Group Publishing


“Robert is a passionate, savvy, and Web-mastering marketing expert who can handle a wide range of challenges and is easy/great to work with.”

Rick Lawrence, Executive Editor—GROUP Magazine, Group Publishing

“Robert, is the kind of employee every company should have. Sees a job through to completion and has the ability to solve complex problems. But most importantly he has genuine integrity a quality that is hard find in today’s world.”

John Manlove, President/CEO, John Manlove Marketing & Communications


“Robert is a strategic thinker and a highly skilled marketing professional. His thorough understanding of marketing, advertising, social media and ecommerce is impressive. He is very detail-oriented. Time and time again, I have watched Robert take large projects from concept through completion on-time and under budget. I highly recommend him for any marketing or product management position.”

Greg Palmer, Director of Marketing, Group Publishing Inc.


“Robert is a brilliant thinker. He has always proven himself to be ahead of the trends, anticipating the market and intuitively knowing the right tools for marketing in this quickly changing world. He is a very hard worker, always learning, thinking and reading and demonstrates a servant heart in all he does! I can HIGHLY recommend Robert.”

Ruth Pape, Ambassador Champion, Group Publishing


“I have worked closely with Robert for the last 2-years. He is a bright and talented marketing manager with an ability to understand what prospects and customers need to make a buying decision. He is very strong in online marketing and understands how to mix social media and marketing. I would highly recommend Robert for any marketing position that you might have.”

Jon Vaughan, Corporate Marketing Director, Group Publishing


“I’ve genuinely enjoyed working with Robert on marketing projects. I can always count on him to ask great questions and work hard to offer creative, strategic solutions. I especially value his strong work ethic and passion for doing great work. Robert’s a thorough manager, a sharp thinker, and a sincere pleasure to work with!”

Jeff White, Brand Champion, Group Publishing


“Robert is a creative, energetic and innovative marketer who has a proven track record of success. He was instrumental in expanding our online product offering and driving a significant amount of our online revenue. Robert’s can-do attitude and servant-centered heart made him a beloved member of the team and I would highly recommend him for employment.”

Craig Cable, Product Manager, Group Publishing

“Robert is amazing to work with. He is creative and looks for affordable and unique solutions. He keeps current on trends in the marketplace and also trends that might later effect the marketplace or that might be useful in future marketing. And he does it all with a great “can-do!” attitude that encourages others.”

Amy Nappa, Executive Editor and Champion, Group Publishing

“Robert is focused, driven, and connected to whatever he sets his sights on. He has a great ability to come at subjects from many angles. And I’ve met few people who are as up-to-date on new technologies and upcoming trends in the industry. It’s been a pleasure working with him.”

Scott Firestone IV, Associate editor–Group Magazine, Group Publishing

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